Field of Flowers

"The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention."  -Julia Margaret Cameron

I was walking my dog today in a grassy field filled with old oak trees whose branches bend every which way entertaining they eye with their twists and turns.  As I looked on the blanket of grass I would surmize that it is really made up of a plethora of weeds that have sprouted from our heavy northern California rains.  As I looked a little closer I began to notice intricate and bright colored flowers of all kinds interwoven among the greenery.  What a pleasure and delight once I paid attention...

field-of-flowers1 field-of-flowers2

You may have the winter blues and your home is looking dreary begging for a much needed lift of spirit.  Take a lesson as I have from the field of weeds...go out and pick some fresh flowers put them in your favorite vase and add some color to bring life and delight back into your home.