HELP! Where do I begin?

Nothing is in good taste unless it suits the way you live. What's practical is beautiful...and suitability always overrules fashion. Billy Baldwin

Before you start an Interior Design Project either with a professional or without there are two very important steps you need to take before you begin selecting furniture or picking out colors.  First, you must ask your self many questions.  How do I live, what are my habits?  Do I take my shoes off when I come in the door, dump the keys on the counter, and run to the computer?  Do I want to watch tv while I make dinner, or listen to Mozart.  Here are some more…how many guests do I have when I entertain, where do we like to sit when we talk or read?  You get the idea.

Next step is to look through shelter magazines.  Look for living spaces you like and especially those you don’t.  Sometimes it’s easier to determine what you don’t like, these will eventually help you to hone in on what you do.  Tear the pictures out, keep them in a folder.  These two steps will help you develop a concept for your interior space.  This concept will help you focus when you start to pick out the furniture, select wall colors, etc.  The professional Interior Designer will always ask the question does this piece reflect the concept for your living space, does it reflect the way you want to live?  If you are doing this on your own you will have to be vigilant about this, there are so many choices and so many beautiful things out there that it will be your one guide to a cohesive interior that reflects who you are.