JQ SWAY, the beginning...

I love quotes… I’m not sure what it is about them but I love them.

“Never met a quote I didn’t like”

Is it the way they capture the way we feel in so few words, is it their wit, candidness, or motivational power?  I think they transform our lives…sometimes in just little ways tweaking our perspective and other times in more profound ways, the life altering kind.  What I do know is they are usually wise words from people who have lived full, unique and interesting lives. At the end of the day isn’t this what we all want a life lived to the fullest, uniquely ours?

Every day we will be chatting about a quote.  Sometimes we will muse over how it fits into our lives right now, or maybe it’s a keeper for a rainy day.  So you may be asking yourself what does Interior Design have to do with quotes and musings about life?  Many years ago when I was investigating the world of Interior Design I interviewed several established designers.  One wise designer and mentor of mine told me to be a successful Interior Designer you have to be part psychologist.  I have found it to be true in so many ways.  The art of Interior Design is all about Psychology, about how our surroundings make us feel.  Do they make us feel calm, excited, energized…do they make us want to sing, laugh, or cry maybe?  Do our homes make our friends feel welcome?  These and more are the questions we ID’s ponder with our clients before starting a project.

Our surroundings deeply affect the way we live and they say a lot about who we are.

So this is the first day of my JQ SWAY and what I promise you is  fun, unusual, mindful, creative, and sometimes illuminating quotes with occasional commentary and some Interior Design tips mixed in.

So today’s quote is

"An interior is the natural projection of the soul."  Coco Chanel