Which one is best?

....the designer must be able to see - make a concentrated effort to absorb the essence of the project. Seeing is a very difficult thing to do. Most people "look" at a lot of thing but never "see" anything. Looking is emotional; seeing is an intellectual process. -Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer

As I mentioned in my last writing it is so important to have a clear concept of your design project and to adhere to it faithfully.  It will keep you from making some big mistakes that can cost thousand sof $$$.  Having said that it is also true that there may be some furniture pieces or choices of wall paper, etc that may be very wrong and absolutely will not fit into the whole scheme of your project and will not contribute to your desired end but there also could be some very good choices and choosing any one of them will fit perfectly into the vision for your living space.  Sometimes the right choice is obvious, sometimes it's not.  What do you do when you can't decide between excellent options.  Some would say "Go with your gut feeling" others would recommend picking the item with the best value.   I invite your comments and experiences.  What do you say?  How did you make the decision between two great pieces?  What were your successes or failures?? I would love to hear from you!  JMF