Sunny days ahead

Last week it was Winter and this week it is Summer in Northern California (record heat wave)!  I cannot say it any better than Dolly Parton

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

So we now have our rainbow, sun and warmth, flowers blooming and fresh new beginnings which is a perfect time to review our belongings and get rid of the clutter...time for Spring cleaning!

Many homes only need a little breathing room to create a more relaxing and comfortable living environment. We designers call this negative space and it is essential in any home so that the eye does not jump around the room but focuses on what's important.  Negative space, which means leaving some walls empty of pictures and artwork or limiting the amount of knick knacks so you can actually see the wood of the furniture, creates emphasis and essentially rest for the eye and the beholder.  So now you have your marching orders, fill up those trash bags but don't put them in the trash, donate the usable items to those in need.  You will feel better, I promise!