A gorgeous day in Carmel

On a recent visit to Carmel I discovered the most exquisite little shop in a hidden away corner, “Forget Me Not”. It was so charming filled with shabby chic antiques, linens and accessories. What I loved most about the store was the atmosphere…I could have stayed for days, resting in a chaise or a beautiful antique bed, exploring every nook and cranny. Another delightful aspect about Forget Me Not is their collection of Interior Design coffee table books; I must have picked up 4 or 5 (more like 6 or 7). I purchased several and adore them all. But, I have to say my favorite is, “Michael S. Smith Houses”. In this inspiring book he explores the rebuilding and decorating of his personal home, along with several of his favorite client projects. I’m captivated by his obvious talent and ability to design a home that is elegant and at the same time unpretentious and welcoming. I think he is all genius. Checkout the book and take a look-see for yourself.