Thanksgiving 1 Napa

Recently I spent a weekend in Napa. It seems like forever, since I had been there and I had forgotten, just how excruciatingly beautiful the surrounding countryside is in the wine country. Fall is especially drop-dead gorgeous, leaves the color of mustard, thyme, and paprika.

Many still clinging to the vines and others strewn upon the road like rose petals for a bride.

The local white church nestled amongst the rows and rows of vines. Picture perfect!

Some of our other discoveries...

The "Historic Cask Room" at Merryvale Winery.

After taking a private and very informative tour with Curtis Hecker, wine educator for Merryvale Winery, he led us to a beautifully set round table just off the "Cask Room" displaying deliciously matched wine and cheese pairing.

The highway leading through the center of town with views of undeniable diversity and complexity in architectural forms.

At the end of our day we spoiled ourselves with a delectable and indulgent 4-course meal at La Toque.

The next day one of our discoveries was made along the road as we traversed the mountains to Healdsburg. Along the winding road the view was so varied and breathtaking; a small meandering stream, thick tree limbs arching over the roadway to make a canopy of golden yellow, vines in lines that careened over the hills like bands of gold, fingers of fog creeping over the hills.

Of course, one of my favorites, The Bubble Room at J Winery, where we were transported by the wine and food pairing presented by chef Mark E. Caldwell. Oh and I must mention the placement of two Laura Kirar Barrel Lounge chairs by McGuire adding distinction and a sculptural element to the magic of the room.

Our last and final discovery before heading home, the Harris Gallery in Healdsburg where we could have listened for hours to Marc Harris entertaining stories had we not heard the call of our families wooing us home.

There is something that stirs the soul when one is confronted with such unsurpassed beauty. The passions are revived, the creative spirit is ignited, things that are taken for granted suddenly take on a new hue. This trip was the perfect reminder of all I have to be thankful for; my family, the friends in my life, the creation of nature that pairs colors unlike any artist or interior designer that I know. When I need a refresher course I will also remind myself that Napa is less than two hours away, now that's something for which to be thankful!