Christmas Decorating - Part 1

I'm getting in the mood...for Christmas that is.  Once I start to bring the boxes in from the garage and unpack the Christmas decorations instant memories of holidays past start buzzing through my head.

Other than the tree, I think the mantle is the focal point of the room and that is where I begin.  I assemble the angel stocking holders and place them carefully on the mantle.

Next, I drape the beautiful glass bead garland I bought, years ago, from Pottery Barn.

The last layer is the Della Robbia, this step is like placing the accessories in a room.  It is the final step that brings the whole look together.

I was first exposed to the term Della Robbia in my mid twenties while staying in NY with my boss, Michael Casey. During Fashion Week and beyond we would sell Michael's exquisite and expensive evening gowns to the likes of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.  The glorious Waldorf Astoria was our home away from home for three weeks at a time and this would allow plenty of down time on the weekends, which I spent exploring the enormous range of shopping opportunities in NY.   This is where I found a fantastic home decor shop on Madison Avenue called Della Robbia...that was my first exposure and I have been enamored with the idea ever since. The term Della Robbia, which refers to fruit and fauna, was derived from the work of Luca della Robbia, an Italian sculptor from Florence who lived in the 15th Century.  He and other members of his family would sculpt fruit, flowers, and fauna on their outdoor commissions.

Since most of the time I'm a "less is more" kind of gal, my assortment of Della Robbia comes out only at the holidays.  But it's Christmas, so "More is More".  I cover every mantle, and surface I can find, after all it's only 4 weeks out of the year and the rich colors are enticing.