Madonna Inn

At first thought it seemed foolish to head out on a "mini" vacation to LA during the busy holiday season.  However, the folly turned into a blessing of beautifully decorated hotels and homes for the holidays .  One of the hotels, Madonna Inn, did not disappoint.

A trip from San Francisco to LA would not be complete without a stop in San Luis Obispo to view the eclectic and exotic Madonna Inn, especially at Christmas.  To say they "go all out" on Christmas decorations would be an understatement.

As you can see below in these next few pictures of Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steak House...

No leaf was left unturned...

no ornament left in the box.

According to one staff member there are real bone fossils in these stones...

These delightful and sensational decorations are just a layer on top of an already intricately detailed interior.  In 1960 when the Inn was under construction specialty wood carvers were brought in to hand carve these stair railings, the doors, and the entrance to the bar. For more history on the Madonna Inn go to

If you can't tell already Phyllis Madonna who orchestrated all the decorating had a penchant for pink.  Luckily for her it is this year's hottest color for interiors!

No detail is spared, even the ladies room is pink.  I have heard and seen (don't ask) that the men's room has a waterfall for a... you know.

The decadence does not stop here, you can tantalize your taste buds at the Coffee Shop.

Each room at The Madonna Inn is themed and not like the other, and the hotel with all the fantasy and elaborate detail is worth the stay.  But if you can plan a trip here anytime of year I would make it in December!