Mexico part-1

As an interior designer I encounter many people who are afraid of color, I would say that is not the case in Mexico, where I visited over the holidays.  I stayed in Los Ayala,  a true Mexican beach town where the locals choose to vacation..sans high rises and resort hotels.

If there is any word that describes this part of Mexico I would say it is lush tropical scenery and color...bright colors are everywhere.  If you are afraid of color this is a wonderful place to visit to quell your fears and transform the way you feel about color.  If you can't go there personally enjoy the pictures that follow.  Starting with the houses, they're bright with color from...tangerine orange, yellow- ochre, turquoise, fuchsia and many more.

Even in the local market the fruits and vegetables (some of which I've never seen in my life) are shades of deep forest greens, lemon-lime greens, ruby reds, yellows, and deep purples.  As designers many times we learn from nature and the incredible combination of colors.

Colors abound in the water toys whether you see them hanging in the marketplace or with a beach vendor who has loaded his bicycle with them.

Every town has a special "Market Day" where vendors from all over Mexico come and sell their wares each week. They did not spare the color here either.

On the beach, the umbrellas are an amazing display of the rainbow, so much so, you can see them for miles and not a speck of the sand.

Sometimes you have a few colorful characters as well...

some are real wildlife!!!

If you're still unsure how to live with color in your home.  See how color has been used in a fun and playful way in the suites at "Casa Contenta".

Mexico opened my eyes to a whole new way of living and a wonderful and exuberant application of color, I hope these pictures influence you as well to move forward fearlessly toward more color in your homes!