Mexico part-2

While dining in Mexico with family and new friends I received the opportunity of a lifetime... a chance meeting with the talented Thomas Bartlett. He was seated  at the next table over from us at the  local Latitude 21 restaurant. Lin Chimes, a friend of my family and dinner guest who is also a good friend of Thomas's introduced me to him and set up a date to visit him at his home in La Penita.

The day of the visit  Mr. Bartlett was so gracious to leave  his house guests relaxing on the expansive grass alongside his croquet court while he escorted us through  his  home and grounds, Hacienda La Penita.  Over the years Mr. Bartlett has collected many wonderful pieces of Italian, Portuguese,  and Mexican furniture. Some of the extraordinary furniture pieces have been custom made by Mexican artisans according to Bartlett's specifications.  Not only did he have unique and exotic pieces of furniture but also exceptional artwork,  many created by his friends. His collection of pottery was undeniably extensive as well.  With 80 talavera pots lined in two rows to make a promenade across the length of his grass.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with me!

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