Roger Thomas, the Iconic Las Vegas Designer

Recently I had the privilege of hearing Roger Thomas speak at the San Francisco Design Center for Winter Market.  Wow, was I blown away, not only by his energy and enthusiasm but the amazing settings he designs for the Wynn Hotel, some under a very short time frame. So if designing for Steve Wynn's hotels is not enough he has also introduced many product lines such as a luxurious fabric collection for S. Harris and a furniture collection for Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman.  Many of his amazing pieces were created from the custom pieces he used in the captivating rooms of the Wynn Hotels. Here are a few selections from his furniture line.

The 2010 Academy Awards Greenroom

Roger Thomas Collection (

Bianca Daybed

Branch End Table

Grenelle Lounge Chair

Kensington Sofa

Wilshire Coffee Table

Veneto Lounge Chair

Wall St Hall Chest

Lombard Bed

Chareau Mirror

Laurelton Area Rug

Roger also has a line of "Trim" for Samuel & Sons!

I'm looking forward to seeing more and more from this very talented designer and to a visit at the luxurious Wynn Hotel...sweet dreams!