Design Bloggers Conference 2012

It has taken me a week to wind down from the 2012 Design Bloggers Conference in LA.  I am still buzzing with so much good information, excellent advice, and great presentations.   It was worth the trip alone to meet such an interesting and talented group of interior designers and lifestyle bloggers.  I enjoyed every minute from the evening cocktail parties to the incredible presentations from expert bloggers and designers’. Here are a few pictures to share (I apologize for the fuzziness of my IPAD photos).

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

I was especially enamored with the two keynote speakers Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Bunny Williams.  Martyn was charismatic with his charming British accent and hearty laugh.  When he was a child he started buying and selling antiques as a young boy to raise enough money to enroll in acting classes,  then it was off to America with the hopes of becoming a movie star, after a few small parts here and there he found  himself seated at a wedding next to Cheryl Tiegs who subsequently asked him to do the interior design of her home which helped put his career on the map.

Bunny and me

Bunny Williams also elaborated on her beginnings in design.  When she was little girl she watched her mom as she entertained at home and it educated her on what a home is, what makes it comfortable and inviting.  When she was 15 her family stayed at the Greenbrier Hotel, which was decorated by Dorothy Draper, the hotel design took her breath away and opened her eyes to the field of interior design.  From that moment on she knew she wanted to be an interior designer and absorbed all the information she could on the subject.  After graduating from school she worked for Stair & Co., an English antique shop and then shortly after that the  iconic firm of Parish and Hadley before starting her own firm.  I found  her engaging, generous, approachable and very humble especially for all that she has achieved in her lifetime.  Her presentation drew so much emotion that she received a standing ovation when she finished.

Champagne was served to us every morning at 10!

Hardy Wallace (Dirty South Wine), Kelley Moore (For the Love of Design) enjoying their champagne before their presentations.

The takeaways from the conference; write what you are passionate about, be authentic, and use original content.  I definitely recommend this conference to anyone who loves to blog, loves interior design, and is passionate about what inspires us in our life.  See you next year with champagne glass in hand!