Dwell with Dignity

One of the most inspiring presentations during the Design Bloggers Conference was given by Lisa Robison and Kim Turner, the founders of Dwell with Dignity.  It was so inspiring that they received a standing ovation for their work. The mission of Dwell with Dignity is to help families escape poverty and homelessness through design, one household at a time. They work with a team of volunteers and use donated items to change the environment of their clients surroundings, inspiring them to a standard of living that they can be proud of  and one in which they can thrive.

For Lisa Robison, the founder who is an interior designer, Dwell with Dignity was a way to give back to the community, pursue her passion for design, and embody her belief that good design improves ones quality of life.

Kim Turner, who is also an interior designer, knew Lisa from design school and later in life heard of Lisa's foundation and knew she wanted to be involved.  She, like Lisa, shares the belief that people's lives can be inspired by design.

View this video to get a glimpse of what Dwell with Dignity offers their clients.

Nov. 2011 News Story

Here are some pictures of a few of their residential projects.  I love how they infused color, whimsy, and sophistication.

Below is a picture of one of their commercial projects: Teen Center.  What a colorful and bright gathering spot for teenage kids.

One comment they made in their presentation is that they never put a piece of furniture or accessory in a client's project that they would not put in their own home.  Now that is inspiring and "Dwelling with Dignity".

All photos and videos via dwellwithdignity.org