Go Green on St. Paddy's

It is St. Patricks Day this Saturday and it's time to find that little piece of green to wear so you don't get pinched.  I always have green with me since that is the color of my eyes...sometimes it doesn't always save me from the pinch so I will be searching for a little green myself.  I will not have to look too far since it is my favorite color. The fact that this holiday is coming up so soon made me start noticing green in our living environments.  Many times we infuse green in our living space through plants but it takes a bolder approach to use green on a sofa, bathroom tile, or to paint a door.  While on Pinterest (my latest obsession) I collected a few inspiring pictures of green used in and around the home.  I hope you enjoy...

I love the acid tone of this door, very powerful.

The green of this outdoor room is so soothing.

Monumental green.

A variety of greens here that play off of one another.

Green is usually considered a cool color but here this yellow-green is fresh, inviting, and warm.

I love how the prominent green panels stand out against the gray walls.

Green in a fun way on the tiles and tub.

Touch of green on the chandelier to set it apart.

This mohair sofa is luxurious and stunning against the white walls.  What green environment inspires you?  Share it with me on Pinterest.

All photos via Pinterest

Guinness for St. Patrick's Day

Just thought I would leave you with a fun little video to get you in the mood...Happy St. Patricks Day, celebrate with a little Irish coffee or a brew!