Newport Oregon

I have been told many times of the raw beauty of the Oregon Coast and have dreamed of driving the coastline while stopping to see the locale faire in the quaint towns that dot the coast.

 So when my daughter and I visited colleges throughout Oregon and Washington earlier this year my grand scheme was to fulfill this fantasy.  The plan went a little awry when we started out in Seattle and didn't get to the Oregon coast until sunset...maybe I should pay attention to the estimated times on my GPS.

Lucky for us I made reservations to stay in Newport, a quaint fishing town just an hour from Corvallis and the next day I was able to see a bit of the town before we headed inland.

When asked what inspires Interior Designers usually their #1 answer is travel...and I agree.  There is nothing like seeing colors in a different light, structures that depict the geography, and lifestyles or cultures that are new to us.

This bridge is a perfect example of important value in designing interiors.

Mo's is the best for Clam Chowder and don't miss it if you are in town.  The perks of travel!

Crab catchers are pure inspiration with the rusting iron cages set against the colorful ropes.

Fishing boats against the shore evoke their own kind of inspiration.

Orange sunsets are a pure example of natures beauty and it inspires me to use this color in an is one of my favorites.

Well it is time to get back so we said a long goodbye to the coast and headed inland excited by all the sights we had seen but ready to sleep in our own beds again.