Trend, Combining "Blue & Turquoise"

Recently at a garden party one of my friends walked in with the most magnificent and perfect outfit for the blue linen wide leg pants with a darling navy and white stripe top.  Seems a bit nautical in description but what set the outfit apart from the yacht club de rigueur was the beautiful turquoise jewel pendant hanging from her neck.

Since that day I have been noticing turquoise and navy every where...

even in nature...God has the greatest imagination!

And has given us the ability to create beautiful things like this sumptuous tufted turquoise sofa.

There are many ways you can infuse this trend into your interiors, just paint your front door!

or update a special piece of furniture

buy new or reupholster a sofa and add some navy print pillows.

paint the back of your cupboard or bookshelf,

or add a fun lamp or two

spice up your office with this chair

and add a few accent pieces.

You don't have to live on the coast or in the Mediterranean to make this color combination work...this dining room is so refreshing and fun set against the traditional wallpaper.

In this bedroom they used a white backdrop as the foundation for the whimsical navy and turquoise print on the pillows and chairs.  Notice how they mixed the large pattern with other small prints,  it is always better mixing prints of different scale to keep the eye focused. The stripe rug is a nice addition to balance the fun prints in the room.

Here are more chairs that can be added to a living room, bedroom or dining room that will give your room that kick of fresh blue and turquoise color.

This presentation board shows how other colors, in this case chartreuse and apple green, are successfully added to the navy and turquoise mix. When mixing colors that are strong it is important that each hue has a similar value.

The sunny summer days are always a good time to freshen your interiors and bring the turquoise and blue we see in nature into our home!