Stair Runner

Stairs are a very functional part of the home but they can be a focal point and add character and beauty to the home.

Used every day to get from one floor to another they can often be overlooked as an area of the home that can become part of the overall concept of the home design.

Below is a clients stairs that are viewed from very important rooms in the house; the entry, the living room, and dining room.  Having such a focal point in the home made it important to add pizzazz to this otherwise nondescript area.

 The client and I decided to change a few things in the stairwell to give it the pizazz it needed.  First, was to add a stair runner with a bold pattern that would draw the eye to the area.

  There are many decisions that have to be addressed when adding a stair runner, especially when you have a significant pattern.  Some of theses decisions are "what will the binding be for the edges of the runner?", "how wide should the runner be and how much stair tread should be exposed?", and "how do we turn the pattern at the top of the landing?".

  Adding a stair runner was not only an aesthetic decision it was also a practical safety measure as well.  Several times the family had slipped on the slick staircase. (don't worry no one was hurt).

   An important principle of interior design is repetition, this is achieved through repeating the color of the stair rail and the gorgeous Grange console table in the stair runner.  As well, the dark background of the pattern creates a sense of grounding and visual weight to the area.

 The client and family are thrilled with the look of the runner!  No more slipping!  Next steps are to paint the stairwell walls a dark accent color and hang some family photos.  Stay tuned for progress reports!