Woodside Show House - "Before"

This is how it began...a tip from a friend, a concept board, and I was about to begin the exciting adventure of transforming the guest dressing room and bath at the Peninsula Volunteers, Inc. Woodside Showcase House.  What an adventure it was...

The guest bathroom and dressing room before,

Dressing Room Vanity

As I visited this for the first time the thoughts ran rampant,

how would I transform these two rooms in just five short weeks?

Bathroom Tub

The gray tile in the tub was overwhelming but I saw potential at every turn

and every click of the camera.

Dressing Room Closets

Most of us would kill for this much closet space.

Dressing Room Vanity-2

Ideas started churning and I accepted the challenge...

stay tuned for the next step in my little adventure.