Woodside Show House - "Creating the Design Concept"

I knew that once I accepted the challenge of becoming part of this show house I had to get moving; shop for inspiration, put my concept boards together and not stress out that I had only 5 weeks to get two rooms together and show house worthy...Yikes!

Fabric & Wallpaper

Thankfully my generous new friend and designer of the guest bedroom next door, Melodie Rubin, had a head start and her concept boards already approved.  She was kind enough to share her vision with me and this became a platform from which to leap.

Coordinating Fabrics

My first trip to the Design Center turned out extremely productive.  Although it didn't feel that way as I was pulling wallpaper and fabric samples.  I thought "How is this all going to work together?".  Surprisingly when I got back to the office and spread out all I had culled from the design center a "theme" and a "look" started to emerge.

Concept Board-1

Having only the weekend to put the boards together there was no time to second guess myself and go back to the drawing board.  Sometimes I find the less time you have the more productive you are...

why is that?

Concept Board-2

I was pleased to turn in my boards that next Monday and so excited to be accepted into the ring of fun and fabulous designers.   However, reality struck.  5 weeks and counting, how was I going to get it all done in time?

Stay tuned...