On the quest for a college my daughter and I set out for the Northwest to see what they had to offer.  As we traveled up I-5 we visited almost every college in Oregon.  We were on an expedition...12 colleges in 10 days!

After traveling through mountains, meadows, and farms we landed in Portland. A bustling city with a lot to offer.  We chose to stay downtown and so enjoyed our walking tour with many surprises and sights to see.

It seemed that every college got prettier and prettier as we traveled our Northern path.  From U of O to Oregon State,  Willamette University, Portland University, and below the gorgeous Lewis and Clark campus set in a upscale residential neighborhood.

We crossed the Columbia into Washington and followed the Gorge heading East to Spokane.  The first hour of the drive was spectacular, waterfalls lining the road.

Loosing our way we ended by this dam in Spokane with a skyway over the falls...sometimes it pays to get lost.

It is always an adventure when you cross country by car and you get to see so much that you would otherwise miss in the sky (air travel does save you a lot of time I grant you that).

Oh Seattle, I have dreamed of visiting you since I was little and had my first experience here at the 1962 World's Fair.

Rams guarding the entrance to the Seattle Art Museum.

Post Alley...all it is cracked up to be...

I really thought there was only one Gum Ball Alley and that is in San Luis Obispo.  Do you think Crystal went to the prom?  Wouldn't you if you were asked so cleverly by spit out gum?

Daffodils in Spring.

The Seattle totem.

The Seattle skyline.

Which way to Pike Place Market?

A Chihuly masterpiece, a native of Washington, peeking through a window.

As a five year old I have fond memories of the spectacular Space Needle.  Funny, it looks so different and smaller when you are older.

The final and the most beautiful campus of all, University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington...breathtaking!

Our quest is over, my daughter has chosen her school in LA not in the green wonderland of the Northwest (she just couldn't do the weather that makes life so green in the Northwest).  But the visit was lovely, experiencing new places and new people.  The bonus to the trip was spending time with my teenage daughter and seeing some awfully pretty scenery!