Woodside Show House - "Shopping for Accessories"

One of the most exciting experiences when putting together a room (or two) for a show house is shopping for the accessories and special pieces from the showrooms.  These pieces add the glamour and sparkle to the room.

Below is the "Dynasty Chair" by Paul Ferrante from Hewn Showroom in San Francisco Design Center that I placed in the guest bathroom for the Woodside Showcase.  This special piece added an organic feel and textural juxtaposition to the shiny surfaces and otherwise radiant room.


The birdcage chandelier from Hinc Showroom in the SFDC added a touch of fantasy to the Woodside Showcase guest dressing room.  The one I selected for the room was called "Carousel" which features carved apples in creams tones.


The "Venetian" Mirror from Baker was the focal point and highlight of the guest bathroom.  It took my breathe away when I saw it and I knew I had to incorporate it into one of the rooms.  The visitors to the show house couldn't stop talking about it, nor could I.


This adorable "Mellon" lamp from Baker was the perfect accent for the vanity in the dressing room.

Vanity Lamp

Embroidered towels, Baccarat vases, a cashmere robe, shiny silver platters and dishes from Bloomingdales finished off the two rooms.

Coordinating Accessories

I am forever indebted to those who partnered with me and so graciously loaned me their precious merchandise for an entire month.  I could not have made the rooms so special without them.  Jeff, Peter, Lonnie, Nicole, Lisa and Lynn you are the best!