Goat Farm

"Overcome the notion that we must be regular….it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary."

Uta Hagan

One of my favorite outings this time of year is a journey to Pescadero to visit Harley Farms. Harley Farms is no ordinary place, it is a unique goat farm that produces award winning goat cheese and many other edible and non-edible products…even goat milk paint!  To me the best time to visit is in the next few weeks, since it is in late February early March when the babies arrive and they are adorable and irresistible…by the way so is the cheese tasting.

There are many things to do at the goat farm while there visiting the babies; you can get a tour (advanced reservations required); visit their store to browse and purchase their goat milk products, wooly colorful throws, and impeccable collection of gardening supplies; taste delectable cheeses dressed with nasturtium and other edible flowers, as well as taste their specialty vinaigrettes and jellies.

The baby goats and the cheese tasting are such a draw for me but there is a secret love of mine at Harley Farms.  It is the "hidden" dining room in the hayloft, just up a narrow and steep stairway that sit's above the cheese tasting room.  The dining room is filled with quirky and rustic collected items you would expect to see on a farm.  What is unexpected is the long, curving, vertically sliced slab of fir that makes the dining table which is surrounded by twenty fun and funky chairs.  I always visit the upstairs dining room when I am there; I enjoy the rustic hipster space, the textures and colors, and I love the view of the vista's from the above.  The hayloft is a fun place to attend one of the farm's events or reserve a private lunch or dinner for your own special event.  The food will delight your palette with fresh greens from the farm, savory appetizers, and you will be surrounded by the scent of fresh flowers cut from their garden to fill the bouquets.

Here are some pics from my last adventure at Harley Farms.

Goat Farm logo

Goat Farm 3

Goat Farm 4

Goat Farm 5

Goat Farm 6

Goat Farm 3-rev

Goat Farm 7

Goat Farm 4-rev

Goat Farm 8

Goat Farm 9

Goat Farm 10

Goat Farm 11

Goat Farm Logo 2-rev

You can read more about the goat farm, schedule a tour, or private event on their website http://www.harleyfarms.com.

 Here are a few more of my favorites in Pescadero;

Duarte's, known for their artichoke soup and James Beard recognition.  Luna Sea, a quirky boutique with jewelry, rugs, artwork, and great greeting cards. Pescadero Country Store (Cindy’s Market), the best pizzas cooked right to order in the store's stone pizza oven. Arcangeli Grocery Co (Norm's Market), this is that bakery with the infamous Garlic Herb and Artichoke Bread, I always pick up a fresh loaf for the drive home and it is half gone by the time I reach my destination.  They also have other specialty breads, baked goods (yummy olillieberrie pies) and a fine  collection of local goodies!

 Enjoy your trip to this coastal town but be forewarned that a sunny day on the weekend can make the small town of Pescadero a very busy place!