Inspiration: San Francisco Decorator Showcase, Part I

IMG_4794 Where do you get your inspiration? It's hard to say which part of the interior designer process is better. Is it the "before" state where imagination runs wild and the possibilities are endless? Or is it the "after" creation that exceeds whatever previous ideas you had initially? IMG_4845 While I find myself seeking inspiration on a daily basis, it is always the highlight of my interior design year to attend the SF Decorator Showcase. Venturing to the opening party with a good friend of mine in tow, we took part (fully) in the event's amenities. We ate luscious McCall's hors d'oeuvres and drank to our hearts’ content while taking in the splendor and creativity of each room in the house. We had so much fun talking to our fellow interior designer friends that we didn't even get a chance to view the third floor. I guess we will have to go back for more! IMG_4809 While my friend and I scoured the displays, taking in the creative and fresh ideas, it made me pause to think what my role as interior designer is and how I serve my clients. I believe that as designers, we are to convey our clients’ vision of how they want to live, push the limits to go beyond their expectations and fulfill their wildest dreams. At the end of the day, we are here to provide inspiration where there wasn't much to begin with. IMG_4841 The San Francisco Decorator Showcase is just one of many inspirational events that brings together the interior designer and dreamer in one space to put their heads together and develop something great. What better inspiration than that of another interior designer who thinks similarly to you but develops extreme ideas? Swing by next week for more pictures and inspiring design from the San Francisco Decorator Showcase!

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