Jana Meewes Magginetti

Lead Interior Designer and owner of Julianne Quelle Design

Being an interior designer allows me to insert beauty into people's everyday lives. It is incredibly satisfying to facilitate this and see the transformational results first hand – how excellent design can positively impact my client’s lives, physically and psychologically… more then they ever imagined.

I have sought beauty…. or beauty has sought me, all my life.  It reveals itself in the luster of freshly polished silver, an intricate flower, a ball gown, a piece of furniture, or a home – well designed.

Interior design is an intoxicating process! Take a house lacking definition, that has no clear direction, which may even be chaotic, and transform it into a place of comfort, ease and order – all via thoughtful design. I see, over and over, how a home that truly reflects who you are brings peace and comfort, invigorates your soul, spawns creativity, and enriches your life. Pretty heady stuff!

My inspiration started with my mother, Julianne Quelle, who embodied style, elegance, sincerity, creativity and hospitality. She taught me the art of seeing beauty everywhere.  Her flair encouraged me to explore design in its many forms, resulting in my life long love of art, fashion, architecture and interior design. Years of study, experience in fashion retailing and design, and interior design, now happily converge in my award-winning firm, Julianne Quelle Design. I aspire to interior design that exudes sophistication, yet is balanced with comfort and warmth, that juxtaposes richness with the delightful, the modern with timeless classics. Your home.